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5 Reasons Why to Choose WordPress as a CMS

Content Management Systems (CMS) have reduced the procedure of creating and running a website. Typically creating a website would mean programming it in HTML which needs a lot of expertise and skills. But CMS solutions have made it a cup of tea for any person who has computer knowledge. Among so many content management systems (CMS) available in the market such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc which one does you choose? WordPress has become one of the popular for CMS solutions and maintains a hold over 50 percent of the CMS industry with skilled WordPress developers and designers providing extremely personalized website solutions.

Why to Choose WordPress CMS?

Free of Cost: WordPress CMS is an open source content management system and therefore freely available. You don’t need to spend huge money on developing a website or blog in WordPress. WordPress comes as a huge boon especially for small businesses and startups when businesses are looking to streamline operating costs. You can also access hundreds of free WordPress templates which you can utilize to start your blog or website. However, most organizations prefer to develop their website by experienced WordPress theme developers, thus adding to their brand value.

User-Friendly: WordPress scores a point as this CMS is very user-friendly. One can easily manage a website using a web-based interface sitting anywhere in the world. The learning curve for WordPress is smaller than other content management systems available in the market. The self-explanatory interface of WordPress CMS allows posting text, images and multimedia effects in the website without any complexity.

Customization: If you want your website to have special features and functionalities that serve to the requirements of your customers, then you can also do customizations in WordPress. For this, you can also hire WordPress developers who can develop your website from scratch and create special features and functionalities, which address the niche requirements of your commerce.

Also, you can browse large number of third-party WordPress plugins. These plug-ins offer special features and functionality to your website. These plugins are free or fraction of the cost required for developing them from the scratch.

SEO Friendly: The success of a website depends on the search engines as they bring bulk traffic to your website or blog. WordPress CMS emerges as a winner in this as the code generated by WordPress attract the search engine crawlers very easily and SEO friendly.  So, if you want to rank well in search engines, WordPress is the best option available to you.

Community Support – WordPress has a large community of experienced developers who work as a great source of support whenever needed. You can post your queries and doubts in such communities & groups and receive replies from the expert WordPress developers. These groups also review developments happening with the CMS and fix the loopholes that might threaten security of the website.

With all these advantages, WordPress becomes the ideal content management system fulfilling the requirements of big and small businesses alike. By hiring WordPress developers, you can customize your website along with the advantages of this content management system for your website or blog.

WordPress Development Service Provider

Since WordPress has become one of the leading CMS Solution, the demand for WordPress Developers has also increased. In case you are looking for Exert WordPress Developers, ITCS (IT Consultancy Services) is the best solution for you. At ITCS our main objective is to offer quality web development services at reasonable prices as per individual requirements. Our developers have large experience showing customized remedy to our international customers. We also offer various involvement designs to our customers to allow them to seek the services of WordPress programmer for their growth specifications.

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Points to Consider while selecting WordPress for Your Website

WordPress ranks among leading global platforms of web designing. The high success rate is attributed to its extremely simplified usage. Indeed WordPress is a wonderful blogging tool that provides us with a wide variety of features to create blogs, update themes, upload images, and to add a new contact, all within minimal possible time. Despite of its widespread usage across the globe, WordPress carries unsolved issues. Following are the key impediments worth considerable before choosing WordPress as a platform for building a website:

  • Ideally suitable for Blogs: As a matter of fact, WordPress is designed for building blogs and not websites. Although WordPress has grown considerably since its inception, its applicability remains ideally suitable for sites with regular posts, and certainly not for sites that require extensive number of interconnected pages.
  • Security: WordPress is marred by couple of security issues that make it vulnerable to losing sensitive information. WordPress features a log-in page for webmasters to log-in and write new content/edit existing information. While the feature is extremely user-friendly, it attracts hackers to crack password and sneak into our system.
  • Spam: WordPress is highly vulnerable to excessive spam. Even with advanced spam jammers, we are likely to face oodles of spam content. Sorting excessive spam content consumes a lot of time.
  • Familiarity: Generally familiarity contributes to a positive point in any platform’s usage, however, in case of WordPress; familiarity translates to ‘a very common option’ which probably we have picked up due to paucity of funds or lack of knowledge. Unless a web designing company makes a custom designed theme, which is way too pricy, our site is likely to be perceived as less impressive and unprofessional.  
  • Flexibility: WordPress scores relatively less in flexibility. For instance, if we want to integrate AdSense, we are required to utilize a downloadable add-on. With WordPress, all the pages of a website would automatically feature same template. Moreover, a user would not be able to create separate lists of blogs for different pages.

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Which is best CMS to choose WordPress, joomla or drupal?

If you’re wondering which CMS is working for you, you can compare the advantages and disadvantages available for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. All this is very powerful and easy to integrate into your website, so here are the details to help you decide what you really need.

WordPress maintains its position as a platform for the most popular in the blogosphere.It is very easy to use with simple installation instructions are very useful for any beginner. WordPress is a powerful built-in functionality of the CMS, which integrates blogs. You can also embed a static Web site to allow the site to make full use of WordPress cord to navigation and content management. It also contains features such as comments, references, profiles of bloggers and ping services. This is very useful for traffic analysis so you can check the status of your website, especially if you want to track your visitors.

The disadvantage of WordPress, however, is not only the developer community and its environment is much weaker than Drupal or Joomla. In addition, cases have shown that some software updates and plug-in WordPress tend to produce more seed patches that can affect your site. Therefore, be sure to check out all the errors and problems, and read the comments when you place your WordPress plugins or installation. But in general, WordPress is effective for any beginner or an expert, which is a very versatile CMS.


Drupal is known for being named “champion of the CMS.” With the flexible features of a code most advanced and complex web site, each designer will appreciate the convenience of experts to modify the code without problems. This CMS is recommended for those who want the code in detail rather than using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Drupal is a dynamic community of developers who can help you if you want to create a website that focuses on advanced management and simplified code.

The downside is that Drupal lack of design factors. This is not a designer or CMS easy to use for its most advanced features. So if you want to publish content to Drupal, which can be tedious and expensive, even for the novice developer. But if you’re a web developer that wants to use the advanced features and the ability to code the site’s features, Drupal work for you.


Commonly used as a backbone for web development, Joomla CMS is considered an open source environment for web developers and designers, especially through the highly customizable interface. Developers have a sense of freedom in developing their sites because of the characteristics that can be customized that allows even novice developers to modify the system without modifying the original code, while maintaining its basic functionality. In addition, many plugins are available for free, allowing you to build websites, come with many rich. Joomla is also the design and warm, making it a powerful CMS for any web designer or programmer.

The disadvantage is that the coding Joomla can be inflexible, particularly with the maintenance of the base of the current column. It can also be very difficult for someone with experience in the construction of a small site to integrate the software.However, if you want a powerful CMS and have some experience building web, then you might want to try Joomla.


There is no system available to us to build our sites, and that is why we should not limit ourselves to one goal. With so many different uses and ideas and opportunities can be found in all of us, because we’re trying to do one of these CMS seem worse than they hate them.Every CMS System has its own advantages and disadvantages.I think it’s time to start looking towards a new future – those who use these systems to improve our, and the continued development of code and knowledge, what has come before us today. There will come a day when we look at three different software pieces complete and try to decide what is best – but that day there will also look back to 2009 and remember it was Joomla, WordPress and Drupal has always pushed forward. Not just one but three – in that ideal, as open source.

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Advantages of customizing WordPress

The desiT Consultancy servicesgn of a site that hosts the World Wide Web is perhaps only a summary of what web designers do. The real powers are open when the content management system should be included in the process of web design and the process of designing for the final product. With technological advances, it becomes apparent to the webmaster of an open source tool should be incorporated into Web sites; this is one of the objectives of the webmaster in designing their websites.

The more sites allow interaction with visitors, the highest ranking and visibility to win. To add the interaction factor, WordPress customization is done, as it is a part of content management system to create blogs. This process is done by the WordPress development services, which is one of the most used blog platforms for WordPress encoder. The tendency to use the services of WordPress design is being done to provide certain benefits to the websites.

Competition – When the customization of WordPress is desired by the people, they want to add blogs to their sites, so people can read the latest news and events.  So WordPress development services will require an expert in WordPress and they are considered an instrument in the list of the webmaster.

Each site is different and has different objectives. To meet the needs of a particular website, WordPress Developer should be able to create the design of the template that suits to a specific portal. WordPress theme developers can recognize the specific needs of webmasters and then can work according.

For hiring WordPress developers, you must understand that the portal will be to the public who are interested in reading blogs. Make the blog more interactive as possible. Sometimes it is wise to hire freelancing WordPress developer who contributes to a better understanding and discussion in order to reach a final phase which is in accordance with the wishes of the webmaster. For this reason, WordPress developers have great demand these days.

In the current environment where the optimization of web portals is being done to give visibility and position in the spectrum, the need for visits, as the portal becomes important. With ongoing WordPress theme developer and expert working on will be an advantage to the end for webmasters.

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