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How to Improve Alexa Ranking

Alexa is a subsidiary company of that collects information about all the websites on the World Wide Web and ranked them on the basis of the traffic they get.  It shows statistic data about the websites like traffic rank, website’s reach, page views, search analytics, related links, etc

 The most important fact about Alexa is that its rankings are based on the browsing behavior of people with the Alexa toolbar installed, So it might be possible that one site getting more traffic from the other one but having  Alexa rank  lower. It only records hits on your website if it passes through their systems i.e. your visitors need either Alexa toolbar installed or you must have a widget displayed on your website in order to count the incoming traffic to the website.

 Importance of Alexa Ranking – In one way, there are no direct benefits through alexa ranking but on the other way, it can stand as an extent of popularity for your website as advertisers and ad networkers use it as an estimate to determine the incoming traffic for a website. Alexa ranking is an important factor to determine the worth of a website and its advertising space.

 Tips to Improve Alexa Ranking

I think, improving alexa ranking is not a much difficult task. As we have already discussed that alexa ranking works on the traffic, a website gets from the users that installed toolbar in their system or your site have an alexa ranking widget to track the visitors of your site. So simply by following these steps you can improve your site’s alexa ranking:

  1. Download Alexa toolbar to your system (For each browser you use) and set your website as default home page for your browsers and also encourage your friends to do so.
  2. Write reviews on alexa for your website.
  3. Claim your site on alexa and update its title and description.
  4. Put an alexa rank widget on your website.
  5. Try to bring webmasters and SEOs to your site because most of them have alexa toolbar installed on their system.
  6. Promote your articles on webmaster forums and social networking sites.  Source:

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