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5 Mistakes that should be avoided in SEO while starting a new website

Similar like other technologies, SEO also have a lot of myths and confusions. Since it is the key point of the online businesses, the same can be crucial. So avoiding some common mistakes, we can ensure our online business to move on a smooth road. We should keep some points in mind while carrying on the SEO process:

1. Submitting to 1000 Search Engines

Generally people start their SEO by submitting their website to search engines (some companies also offers to submit to 1000 search engines!), but as far I know it’s not of any worth. It’s totally waste of time and money. The only search engines that are of any use are few and they will automatically recognize and index your website once they found its link anywhere crawling. Instead of submitting into any search engine, just place its link on popular websites. Search engines will crawl your website sooner than you might think.

2. Poor Content Pages

Webmasters load their pages with images and flashes to make them attractive (or provide some specific information), and do not write any content on the page. Especially in case of product site or some kind of wallpaper site. Those pages look content rich to users but may pose a risk to flag your page with thin content pages by search engines. So adding an alt attribute to images, and a little description of the images and products or wallpapers will avoid instances.

3. Ignoring URLs

Generally people heard that dynamic URLs are not good for SEO, and static URLs are helpful but they forget its real importance. Not even making your URLs static is pretty enough for search engines. They play an important role in SEO and they should contain your prime keywords. Especially keywords in URLs are more important in Yahoo and Bing, and Google also give a higher weight to it.

4. Backlinks

Of course backlinks are the key players in SERP rankings but these are the quality backlinks that do that. Putting your links in link farms even harm your rankings. It is true that making quality backlinks requires more time and efforts but they ensure your SERP rankings. In terms of backlinks, another mistake that people make is to try building links speedily. They try to create backlinks as soon as possible to get their website higher ranking. But it’s not a wise task. The backlinks should be building steadily and should not looks odd to search engines.

5. Keyword Stuffing

It is seen that new webmasters or SEO load their websites with lot of related and unrelated keywords. This is called excessive keyword stuffing or keyword spamming. According to the recent Panda Update, Google phased out the websites practicing keyword spamming. The webpages should have a proper keyword density (around 1-2% is fine) and should not contain unnecessary or unrelated keywords.  Source

Effective Internet Marketing Techniques

While trends in online marketing come and go, there are still some internet marketing techniques which always work. The key is to apply these techniques in a consistent manner with your business.

You do not need to be an expert in Internet marketing techniques to do this work. In most cases, if you’re ready to read and follow the instructions, you can learn how to use these techniques.

You can use these techniques, despite of what kind of website you have. If you are a writer, it would be even better, because the Internet is a great place for writers

Search engine optimization

The secret of SEO is to find the right keywords. If you choose irrelevant keywords, it would not target your audience. Try to use less completive keywords to optimize.

Article Writing

Writing articles as an expert will help you in building valuable backlinks as Article Submissions use Pull Marketing rather Push Marketing. Pull marketing is more effectual as it attracts visitors to you.

As the Internet is essentially a part of multimedia content, you can easily find well written articles. Try to write lists, or how to articles.

Press Release Writing

By writing an effective press release, you can get rapid traffic. Press releases are much more effective than Classifieds as they are considered news.

Make sure you write a news story. Incorporate the how, what, when, where and why, like a news. Emphasize on the subject, instead of your product. Remember to include your product through. Press releases should be focused.

 Forum Posting

If the idea of ​​writing articles or press releases is always nervous, then try posting in the forums first.You can ask and answer questions and build faith and credibility with other forum members.  Do not advertise your products or services at forums. Be sure to follow the instructions in the forum and use forum signature to create back links.

It is a time consuming process as some forums don’t provide signature option before the expiry of specified time period. So it is not advisable the main method of promoting your business.

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