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Joomla Magazine January 2012

Joomla has recently launched Joomla Magazine. According to Dianne Henning, Joomla is shooting for the stars with the anticipated launch of the new version and a worldwide Joomla conference to look forward to in November 2012.

The big news for this issue is, of course, Joomla 2.5, and Hagen Graf has an introduction to the highlights you can look forward to when it’s released in January 2012.

This is the successor of Joomla 1.5 and will be the official version of Joomla until mid 2013, and Graf says the highlights of the new release start with ‘the shiny new Joomla Platform’, on which the CMS is based.

This opens many options for third party developers, such as image manipulation with a JImage class and generation of HTML tables with a grid class. There’s also a new smart search option called Finder that pre-searches your content to speed searches, and support has been added for more databases, so you’ll be able to run Joomla on MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Graf also says that drivers for PostgreSQL and Oracle seem to be very near.


Stop SOPA In Seattle:  Microsoft, Amazon, Geekwire, and a Rally

The Stop SOPA movement has taken root globally, with internet and technology companies leading the charge to stop vague regulatory measures from being imposed upon internet service providers and their end users (see end of article for SOPA and PIPA explanation).  A number of companies nationwide are “blacking out” their web sites for one day in protest.

Google, Wikipedia, and others have adopted different levels of blackouts with banners, links, and form letters to members of Congress.

In Seattle, a number of very formidable companies have put their personal stamps on the effort to stop these constraints on the web.  Amazon is not blacking out its web site, but has expressed its opposition to the legislation.  A large ad on the front page with the text “Reasons to oppose or modify SOPA” leads to the web site and a host of concerns with SOPA/PIPA.

Microsoft has taken a low-key approach, working behind the scenes to stop or at least modify the legislation.  The company has been working with lobbyists since November to alter SOPA, and it convinced the Business Software alliance to oppose it as well, after the group had originally supported it.  As reported by Computerworld, while Microsoft could benefit financially from SOPA and does support expansion of U.S copyright law, they’ve taken the high road in this instance, supporting a cause that is good for the web community as a whole.

Local online technology outlet Geekwire has been covering the SOPA dustup consistently, and reported today on a new “Grassroutes” service that automates congressional contacts.  Via IP address or Zip code, the system allows a user to find their representative’s information and contact them immediately to express their views on SOPA.

Even Cheezburger, Beh Huh’s quirky online comedy network has gotten into the act, with a pseudo-blackout on the FAIL blog and other sites.

A protest/rally was planned for today in downtown Seattle by Seattle Against SOPA, but due to the current weather conditions, it has been postponed.  As organizers stated, “If our goal is to educate people, it will be pretty hard to find people to educate today. We’re going to postpone the rally. SOPA will be back in February, and so will we.”


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