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The latest version of Prestashop is 1.4.8. And I’m sure many of you must be looking for upgrading your online store. However you might be scared of getting errors while upgrading. If you follow this step by step guide, I assure you that you can achieve success in your upgrade process.

All you have to do is carefully follow below mentioned steps. In case any of you have any issue, just post as a comment or contact us.

1. Taking Backup

The first step is about taking the backups of your website files, Databases and customized Translations.

2. Download Prestashop

In your second step, you need to download the latest version i.e. 1.4.8 version of Prestashop and modify some files.

To know what kind of modifications are required, Click Here….

3. Upload Files on Server

The next task is to upload the “Prestashop” folder which has been modified in 2nd step, to server via FTP.

4. Go to Installer Wizard

Now you have to open Installer Wizard where you can see Update option.

To Read a full Tutorial, Please Click Here….

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