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If you’re wondering which CMS is working for you, you can compare the advantages and disadvantages available for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. All this is very powerful and easy to integrate into your website, so here are the details to help you decide what you really need.

WordPress maintains its position as a platform for the most popular in the blogosphere.It is very easy to use with simple installation instructions are very useful for any beginner. WordPress is a powerful built-in functionality of the CMS, which integrates blogs. You can also embed a static Web site to allow the site to make full use of WordPress cord to navigation and content management. It also contains features such as comments, references, profiles of bloggers and ping services. This is very useful for traffic analysis so you can check the status of your website, especially if you want to track your visitors.

The disadvantage of WordPress, however, is not only the developer community and its environment is much weaker than Drupal or Joomla. In addition, cases have shown that some software updates and plug-in WordPress tend to produce more seed patches that can affect your site. Therefore, be sure to check out all the errors and problems, and read the comments when you place your WordPress plugins or installation. But in general, WordPress is effective for any beginner or an expert, which is a very versatile CMS.


Drupal is known for being named “champion of the CMS.” With the flexible features of a code most advanced and complex web site, each designer will appreciate the convenience of experts to modify the code without problems. This CMS is recommended for those who want the code in detail rather than using a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). Drupal is a dynamic community of developers who can help you if you want to create a website that focuses on advanced management and simplified code.

The downside is that Drupal lack of design factors. This is not a designer or CMS easy to use for its most advanced features. So if you want to publish content to Drupal, which can be tedious and expensive, even for the novice developer. But if you’re a web developer that wants to use the advanced features and the ability to code the site’s features, Drupal work for you.


Commonly used as a backbone for web development, Joomla CMS is considered an open source environment for web developers and designers, especially through the highly customizable interface. Developers have a sense of freedom in developing their sites because of the characteristics that can be customized that allows even novice developers to modify the system without modifying the original code, while maintaining its basic functionality. In addition, many plugins are available for free, allowing you to build websites, come with many rich. Joomla is also the design and warm, making it a powerful CMS for any web designer or programmer.

The disadvantage is that the coding Joomla can be inflexible, particularly with the maintenance of the base of the current column. It can also be very difficult for someone with experience in the construction of a small site to integrate the software.However, if you want a powerful CMS and have some experience building web, then you might want to try Joomla.


There is no system available to us to build our sites, and that is why we should not limit ourselves to one goal. With so many different uses and ideas and opportunities can be found in all of us, because we’re trying to do one of these CMS seem worse than they hate them.Every CMS System has its own advantages and disadvantages.I think it’s time to start looking towards a new future – those who use these systems to improve our, and the continued development of code and knowledge, what has come before us today. There will come a day when we look at three different software pieces complete and try to decide what is best – but that day there will also look back to 2009 and remember it was Joomla, WordPress and Drupal has always pushed forward. Not just one but three – in that ideal, as open source.

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